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The Flavor Factory Urban Dance School aims at offering the best urban dance classes with the most knowledgeable and skilled instructors the city has to offer. We are dedicated to training a higher caliber of dancers teaching the proper techniques, as well as the historical understanding of each style. Our goal is to promote a positive and healthy display of our culture in the community by helping build a stronger connection to the ever growing dance scene.

About the Studio

The Flavor Factory Urban Dance School is Ottawa's first and only dance studio that focus specifically on the urban dance & street styles. Many of these dance styles are not represented in the city by other dance studios. Ottawa has a rich culture of dance with these styles present in the community. The Flavor Factory is dedicated to giving these styles a platform to respectfully demonstrate themselves to the public.

The Flavor Factory aims at preserving these styles and offering classes that are not only unique but exciting. The instructors chosen to teach at the studio are some of the best (and only) dancers in their respective styles. The Flavor Factory is also dedicated to promoting and developing a stronger urban dance culture in the Capital city.

For more information stop by or contact us at the studio!

What's fresh at the studio?

Moving News

Moving News Letter!

The News is out! The Flavor Factory is happy to announce that as of Spring 2014 we will be operating out of a bigger more central location! 738a Bank at Second Ave. will be our new home. We are happy to be moving somewhere that is more central. As Ottawa’s Only Street Dance studio, we didn’t realize how far people would travel to come and take our classes. We had been looking for a space for quite some time that would be closer to the downtown core, and easier to access by transit. We were happy to announce that our Three Year anniversary will be celebrated in our new studio, we can’t wait to start teaching classes in The Glebe!

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